Friday, January 7, 2011

Exercise mistakes

Here are a few Exercise mistakes that are very common when starting a new fitness regime and ones that I see all the time.
Warm up before exercising:
It is so important to warm up before exercising and a lot of people just don’t do it. Cold muscles can experience stress during exercise. The muscle will feel strained and as a result an injury may occur. Another benefit is that the heart and lungs are adequately prepared to work more effectively during your exercise routine.
Warm up stretches:
Do not leave out this activity. You need to start performing warm up stretches before you begin exercising. Warm up stretches help lengthen the muscles. During exercise when the muscle is placed under stress the muscle shortens. Warm up stretches will counteract this action and assist in injury prevention.
Lifting heavy weights:
In a gym, we will sometimes overdo it by lifting heavy weights that are beyond our capacity. This immediately places you at risk of injury. Remember, Stop, rewind and leave the ego at the door because it’s not good to put an unexperienced body under this kind of stress. Start slow and increase the weight over time.
Exercising to hard:
Exercising too hard for long periods of time does not achieve better results. Instead, muscles are overworked making them more prone to injury. Try working at a moderate intensity for better results.
A workout plan:
A workout plan will help you get the most out of a fitness regime. So many people just turn up to a gym with no idea of what to do and start making it up. Speak with an instructor and get yourself a plan if you want to see the results you’re looking for.
These are some common exercise mistakes that we all experience. Exercising is not a quick fix. Make a plan, manage your time, educate yourself and know your own limitations. Listen to your body. If you injure yourself you set yourself back and your goals become even harder to reach. Work smart.

Saturday, June 2, 2007

Stretching is an important component of an exercise program. It enhances flexibility. Strong, flexible joints will make physical activity easier and more enjoyable. In turn you
will be less likely to suffer injuries. It is recommended that you stretch after you have warmed up a little and that you stretch after you have completed your exercise program. If you can only do one stretching session, however, do it either between sets of strength training exercises or at the end of the session but try to do it before and after.
Yoga is also good for maintaining a healthy body and mind. Meditation will keep your
mind and spirit healthy.

You should also control your food. Drink a glass of water before having food.
Try to fill your plate with vegetables. Reduce amount of snacks and also reduce intake of soft drinks. Also avoid oily food which increases fat content in body.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Here I start.Do u have an unfit body?Here's a solution.
I have done these exercises and I have a fit body.
If u are ready to do the following things u can surely own a
fit body.I advise u to do these things step by step as told here.
U should increase number of counts day by day.First start by
doing each twice or thrice.

1.First start with some running.You may also jog in your room.
Do this for 2 min.
2.Then jump as high as u can.After that you should forward & backward.
Then you should jump&split your legs 30cm apart. As you did earlier
jump to left and right.
3.Next is jumping front touch.Jump and stretch both legs forward and touch your toe
with your finger.Next one is to jump and touch your chest with thighs.
4.The next is side press.Stand straight with little distance between legs.Then bend your chest
part to one side keeping legs straight.After this bend forward and touch on back of legs
then bend backward(support your back with both hands)
5.Then you should sit as if you are sitting on a chair.By doing this you strengthens your knee.
your upper body should be straight.
6.Next is side pressing.For this you should first fold your one leg at knee.Now the angle
between both parts is 90.The other leg should be inclined and straight.Then keep your
hands on hips.Press to one side with hands and bending torso backwards.Do this for next
leg also.
7. Torso bends and twists will shape the waist and hips, reduce the midriff and flab. Stand up with your feet about 7-10 inches apart, stretch your arms out to your sides even with your shoulders. Lift one arm up over your head as you bend, then the other arm repeat ten times Stretch arms out to side then twist your torso at the waist to the right swinging the arms all the way back, then the left in a full circle motion, around and around. Repeat this.

8. Jumping full rotation is an extended form of jumping chest touch. As you jump spin
360 degree.
9. Next one will loosen your muscles at thighs. Stand with one leg touching other and
then make a ‘V’ shape between legs. Fold your fist. Then bend down keeping legs
straight try to touch floor with knuckles. Repeat this.
10. Next is side sitting. Sit to one side with one leg straight and other folded at knee.
Only your butt and leg should touch floor. Repeat this faster.
11. Leg raising is next. The leg should be straight as you raise it. Do it for both legs.
12. Lie on your back on a mat, with your knees bent and feet flat on the floor.
Place your feet slightly less than hip-width apart. Lock your both hands behind head.
Keep your lower back against the floor so that you are not arching your back.
Contract the muscles in your abdomen to slowly lift your torso so that your shoulder blades come off the floor. Support your head with your hands as you come up but avoid pulling your head forward. Your chin should be tucked in slightly.
Take two counts to lift your torso, hold for one count, and then lower your torso back to the starting position for two counts. Exhale as you lift your torso, and inhale as you lower
13. Lie on your back on floor. Lock your both hands behind head. Keep your legs straight
Then keeping your leg straight lift them up and down.

That's all repeat these and you can make yoyr body fit.